Total Lighting, Electrical & Maintenance Solutions

On both the local to national level, Genesis offers the most reliable lighting, electrical maintenance and construction in the country. General contractors, corporate operations directors, facility managers, and building owners rely on Genesis as their choice for end-to-end maintenance and premium, affordable lighting solutions.



Beautiful lighting for your entire home. Attractive home lighting design creates functional space to your home. Options are abound here when it comes to residential lighting solutions. From existing homes to new construction, Genesis works with home owners, designers, and contractors to bring premium lighting solutions to the residential market.



Our nationwide commercial lighting maintenance services team takes a complete look at your needs, including materials and labor. As a result, we can save you money by minimizing return trips as well as getting (and keeping) your facilities up and running efficiently. Our extensive network of maintenance partners is committed to your success.



Better lighting can pay for itself in annual energy & maintenance savings, and improves the overall effectiveness of your facility. Aging warehouse & industrial lighting applications experience substantial light level depreciation and increasing spot outages require timely, difficult & costly repairs. 


Coast to coast, Genesis offers the most reliable lighting, electrical maintenance, and construction for general contractors, facility managers, and building owners for both local and national accounts.



Genesis is known for its service. We have a well rounded mix of seasoned professionals that give our customers satisfaction from beginning to end. Delivering quality work while always being mindful of your bottom line, always with their eye on meeting the deadline at hand.



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