Outdoor Lighting & Signage

Outdoor lighting plays a major part in how your customers or tenants make initial and long term decisions about using your products and services. 

  •  A well lit facility says "We are open"!
  •  A uniformly illuminated parking lot creates a safer more inviting image.
  •  Maintained lighting sends the message "We Care" to your customers.
  •  Appropriate outdoor lighting can differentiate you from your competitor.

Reduce liability - in today's litigious society, the cost of a preventative outdoor lighting program can be easily justified. Whether it's an ATM machine, convenience store or employee parking lot, if a crime occurs during evening hours a property owner can be judged liable if there are poorly illuminated areas. A preventative outdoor program can minimize liability by ensuring that appropriate lighting levels are maintained and outages are repaired promptly.

Many existing fixtures and parking lots are prime candidates for a lighting retrofit or complete replacement of fixtures and poles with state of the art – energy efficient lighting fixtures. Many customers realize a 60-70% reduction in energy consumption after making a conversion. 

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