Local & National Lighting Solutions

No matter what the application, specifying lighting for commercial, industrial and residential, is more of an art than science. Genesis's in-house lighting specialists and inside sales support are available to answer any questions about recycling, energy audits, government regulations or even the aesthetic side of lighting. Lighting is critical to every facility. Genesis's Lighting Department is ready with suggestions, design and project management expertise.

Genesis's lighting specialists will assist you in making sure that you are aware of the many options to meet industry standards, maximize the efficiency of your lighting system and save energy.

Lighting Design & Project Management
Genesis understands the latest technology in lamps, fixtures, and controls to achieve optimum results. Every day we apply our knowledge to help our customers conceptualize a new lighting design or upgrade (retrofitting) their existing system. Genesis's Lighting Design team approaches each lighting opportunity with the following considerations:

  ·  IESNA - lighting level standards
  ·  ASHRAE 90.1 - area power densities with energy efficient lighting standards
  ·  R.O.I.
  ·  Utilizing natural sunlight "daylight harvesting"
  ·  Appearance of space and luminaries
  ·  Color appearance and color contrast
  ·  Direct and reflected glare
  ·  Flicker and strobe
  ·  Light distribution on surfaces
  ·  Modeling of faces or objects
  ·  Points of interest
  ·  Dark sky compliance
  ·  Source, task, and eye geometry
  ·  Sparkle, desirable reflected highlights
  ·  Surface characteristics
  ·  HVAC factors
  ·  Tax reduction opportunities
  · Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005) in conjunction with ASHRAE 90.1 to qualify for an energy efficient tax deduction for reduced power loads
  · LEED - lighting equipment in compliance with Leadership in Energy Efficient Design
  · ComEd Trade Ally- 2008-2018 "Smart Ideas" incentive program. Application filing assistance available.

Light Source & Fixtures
Choosing a light source has become a very complex process due to new trends, quality, lamp life, energy efficiency and performance of the light source. We approach each project scientifically combining fixture efficiency, optimum light source, and maximum pay back. T5 HO lamps, low wattage metal halide, compact fluorescent, and LED's create unlimited opportunity.

The Latest Trends From: 
  ·  LED's (Light Emitting Diode) widely used in exit signs, are specified as a white light source in recessed cans, landscape lighting, low bay lighting and emergency lighting. As efficiencies continue to improve more fixtures are becoming available using the white LED with a projected 50,000 hour life.

  ·  Intelligent lighting systems - the ability to digitally mix red, green, and blue (RGB) creating up to 16.7 million choices of color. Lighting Control Systems
  ·  Dimming
  ·  Digital Technology
  ·  Occupancy Sensors
  ·  Daylight Harvesting

Occupancy sensors automatically turn off select lights in unoccupied areas providing significant additional savings. Daylight Harvesting takes advantage of natural sunlight to illuminate a space without turning on a switch, or manual dimming controls. Instead of a single command ballast, the new revolutionary ballast dimming technology provides multiple configurations in controlling devices for daylight sensors, occupancy sensors, handheld individual controls, and wallstations.

Energy Audits
Genesis's energy audit will provide you an evaluation of your existing lighting system and possible options based on your current and future requirements in order to design an energy efficient lighting system. Request an energy audit now!